May 22, 2006

Lovely Susana Baca

Above is a very grainy and perhaps indecipherable picture of Susana Baca in concert. Man, what a graceful performer with commanding vocals.

The Ubucon Blog

And now there's a blog! You can't have a conference without a blog ;)

May 21, 2006

Announcing: The Ubucon

I'm putting together a conference - The Ubucon (rhymes with Rubicon) - for Ubuntu users, developers and admins. Many many thanks to Google for letting me use their space. A huge debt of gratitude goes to Chris and Leslie over there for helping with this.

The Ubucon will be held August 18 and 19, the days immediately following LinuxWorld San Francisco.

Here's the conference wiki. As you can see, there's not much there yet. With your help, however, that will change RSN.

There is a mailing list - theubucon AT linuxpip, and you can subscribe at theubucon-request or go to the mailing list info page.

I'd love to get your feedback and ideas about what the conference should be.


May 01, 2006

LinuxWorld Podcast: Jeremy Allison

Jeremy Allison is a household name among the open source-aware, having co-founded the SAMBA project, continuing his role as a lead developer there, and currently serving as one of several rock-star developers now employed by Novell.

In this podcast, Jeremy Allison explains why *all* software is going free and why it's all due to the GPL. You also get to listen in as a special guest drops by to visit.

Listen to the edited version (23 mins.):

OR get the raw, uncut, full version (50 mins.) with lots more on Microsoft, patents, and other goodies: full monty.mp3

As always, you can get the latest LinuxWorld podcasts at